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Hi everyone,

My name is Siubhéan Crowne and I am an aspiring sport psychologist. I have recently graduated from my Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology and I thought that this site would be a good way to record my progress on my path to becoming a qualified Sport Psychologist and the other things that I do along the way!

A full introduction: I am based on the north west coast of Ireland, I grew up playing a combination of sports from basketball, football, athletics, swimming, gaelic, gymnastics and I of course made the most of my surroundings while surfing.

Some of my surroundings

I chose to become a sport psychologist after getting a debrief of a presentation given by local girl Caroline Currid from a family member. I was fascinated. How had I never previously considered that your mind plays such a a role in sport? Did the music I superstitiously played before a match have an impact in my performance? Was it even a superstition or a known thing that music could enhance your performance? I was hooked.

From that moment I have been striving to achieve my goal of becoming a sport psychologist. I have completed BPS Stage 1, I have yet to begin Stage 2. For a variety of reasons, I am delaying beginning Stage 2 and I'll get there. But in the mean time I am keeping myself occupied with sport in a variety of ways.

I am the Team Manager for the Irish u16 Ladies basketball team. I have been organising training sessions, international friendlies, training gear, finances since September. We were to go to Nottingham, Denmark and Luxembourg for tournaments and finally Sarajevo for the Euros. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has all unfortunately been cancelled. I hope, for our players sake, that this all can be postponed for later this year. That they can get the opportunity to represent their country at an international level for they have been working so hard to do so. But we don't know what will happen, and we have to deal with that uncertainty as best we can.

I am a member of Basketball Irelands Sport and Performance Professional Pool. Meaning that I have had the privilege to deliver an introduction to sport psychology workshop to the Irish u15 girls and boys academies. For the vast majority of kids this was an alien topic to them and their first experience of sport psychology. An interesting challenge, particularly when the projector breaks and I had to deliver it all from memory.

Anyways, I hope I can offer some insights into my journey to becoming a sport psychologist. While also offering advice on some of the things I learn from the things I read and the people I meet along the way. I don't know will anyone want to read what I write, I hope you do. Maybe my Dad will be the only person to tune in to keep an ever-present eye on me. But either way I'll be writing.

See you next time.

Yours in sport,


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