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Control the Controllables

With the increase in restrictions and the end continually being pushed down the line, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, upset, and agitated. It’s really not surprising that we feel this way, normal life has ceased to exist and any plans we had for the future have largely been quashed.

There are so many things that are dictating our lives and the way we live that are totally out of our control. The pandemic, the country we live in, our government, and our work, to name but a few. But I challenge you to focus on all that is within your control. There is still so much that we can have a positive influence over and make our lives that little bit more enjoyable. Even putting the pandemic aside, external events or situations can and do disrupt our happiness. Something we have no input into can cause us to feel upset for days and sometimes even weeks. Although things may seem dark and gloomy, we can seek out the bright, enjoyable and the joyous.

So when we get frustrated that people are breaking restrictions and flaunting the rules. Focus on you, your compliance with the restrictions, your behaviours, and what you deem to be the right thing. Control the controllables.

Or when you see your peers working or getting opportunities that make you feel as if you’re not making enough progress or that you’re not doing enough. Focus on the things that you are doing, recognise that you are running your own race. Control the controllables.

When you come across a picture of a perfectly toned model rather than getting upset that you don’t look like them, realise that your body is your own and your body has done so many great things for you. Instead of focusing on what it looks like or what it doesn’t look like, focus on what your body has achieved or been through. Control the controllables.

And when you feel that the restrictions are just that, restrictive, and you feel your life is lacking in pleasures you once enjoyed. Try and create new and different pleasures, have a DIY pamper night, appreciate the fresh air while out on a walk, enjoy the first sip of coffee in the morning. Control the controllables.

Although things are tough right now we can try and make life slightly easier and slightly more bearable in what we choose to focus on. Asking yourself the question “can I control this? Do I have any influence over this?” when you get upset about a situation should help prevent you from wasting your energy, time, and peace on something you have little influence over. It is frustrating feeling dejected over something that is totally out of your remit, that you have no control over, largely because you can’t influence it at all. So focus on what you can, and hopefully, things will be a bit easier and a little bit more enjoyable!

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