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My name is Siubhéan Crowne (hence the name of the website!), I am a sport psychologist in training (SEPiT) from the northwest of Ireland. I am also a PhD researcher in Sport Psychology at LJMU.

I am a psychology graduate from Ulster Univeristy, Magee and a sport and exercise psychology graduate from Ulster Univeristy, Jordanstown.

I previously played football and basketball, and I am the former Team Manger of the Irish u16 Ladies Basketball Team.

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This website was set up to allow me to document my journey in becoming a BASES qualified sports psychologist, I am currently embarking on the SEPAR route. It also gives me the opportunity to explore various topics that interest and intrigue me, all while offering mental skills and mental wellness knowledge and advice.


I am on a mission to make the average individual, athlete, coach and spectator aware of the benefits of engaging with mental skills and sport psychology. Whether that be enhancing your own potential, athletic or otherwise, personal growth, mental wellbeing or merely educating them on the topic.

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